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Birdwatching safaris in East Africa is one of the best birding destinations in Africa with about 150 bird species that aren’t found anywhere in the region. Birding is a locally owned nature safari experience that specialises in custom-made birding tours  safaris and photo tours safaris, as well as all-around our natural safari tour packages. The company is run by avid birders, field ornithologists, bird ringers/banders, naturalists, photographers, and conservationists. The guides are locally experienced and knowledgeable in not only the rich avian diversity but also the entire natural history of the region, and are dedicated to providing a unique and personalised experience for all of our clients. Whether you are a hardcore birdwatcher or a nature enthusiast in search of big game and other wildlife, Birdwatching  in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Congo is the perfect choice for your next safari adventure. Due to the biotope number and diversity from Indian Ocean beaches, mangrove forests, coastal forests, savannahs, fresh and soda lakes, mountain forests, rain forests, deserts, semi deserts and moorland a large number of bird species. 


  • Kenya

Holds worldwide rank 13 with 1.058 species. 11 out of them are breeding endemics and 278 migratory birds. Additionally there are many subspecies or species depending on author.Birding safaris in Kenya are mainly done in the open savanna grasslands of Masai Mara and Amboseli national parks; you are likely to spot several birds including the African gray hornbill, lilac-breasted curler, Kori bustard, Usambiro barbet, Secretary bird, Sooty chat, Rufous-bellied heron and the wonderful starling. Whereas birds like Bogoria and Flamingoes can be seen in several Kenya Rift Valley lakes of Lake Nakuru, lake Naivasha and Baringo.

  • Tanzania

Has 1.074 bird species and is on rank 12 worldwide. 31 endemic bird species breed in Tanzania, 262 are migrants. Tanzania is an East African country known for its vast wilderness areas. They include the plains of Serengeti National Park, a safari mecca populated by the “big five” game (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino), and Kilimanjaro National Park, home to Africa’s highest mountain. Offshore lie the tropical islands of Zanzibar, with Arabic influences, and Mafia, with a marine park home to whale sharks and coral reefs

  • Uganda 

With 999 bird species is holding rank 16. 1 species is endemic and breeds in Uganda, 236 are migrants, either from the North or intra African. There are countless birding locations around Uganda including national parks (NP), Important Birding Areas (IBAs), Albertine Rift Valley, lakes and swamps, forests, savanna grassland, woodland, mountains and rivers. If you are targeting specific birds, we will be happy to offer advice.  Our birding safaris are fully escorted by professional bird guides and site guides who will ensure that you get the best out of your birding tour.

  • Rwanda

Birding Watching Safari best ideal for bird lovers. Bid watching safaris in Rwanda are very exciting and memorable. Rwanda’s location in the Albertine Rift and its dense forests and mountains create a unique and remarkable environment for the Eco tourists to enjoy. Though small (about 250km east-west by 150km north-south) it has a bird list of over 700 species and supports the second highest number of Albertine Rift endemics than any other country. A variety of birds to expect include the Red-faced Barbet, Bennett’s Woodpecker, Papyrus Gonolek, White-headed, Black and familiar Chats, Carruther’s and Tabora Cisticolas, White-winged and Broad-tailed Warblers and Miombo Wren-Warblers among others.Most of the birding happens in the 3 protected areas of Akagera national park, Nyungwe national park and Volcanoes national park. To enjoy bird watching in Rwanda, you need to be prepared to stay out for long hours and have some considerable hiking is certain areas. For example, while birding Nyungwe national park and Volcanoes national park, there is a considerable amount of hiking up and down the mountainous areas.

  • DRC – Brazzaville (Congo)

Bird watching in Congo is said to have over 1139 bird species that are mostly endemic to Congo which makes it one of the best birding destinations in Africa especially because of its biodiversity. The total number of bird species is not fully known as different sources give different numbers. Bird watching in Congo happens mainly in the forests, savannah areas, wetlands, rivers and lakes. Congo is a habitat to over 1139 bird species which highly concentrated in the forest destination and around the water areas such as Virunga national park, Kahuzi national park, Lake Kivu among other destinations. Some of the wildlife bird species include; Congo sunbird, Prigogine’s greenbull, Rockefeller’s sunbird, yellow-billed stork, black stork, white stork, marabou stork, African open bill stork woolly-necked stork, ciconia episcopus, marabou stork among others.

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