Become a responsible world traveller and make a difference with Sauti Africa Explorers. Our Volunteer and internship program is throughout the year that focus on traveling global and supporting locals, and travel in the real world, providing cultural immersion, exchange and mutual understanding. With that in mind, Sauti Africa Explorers Ltd works with sustainable, locally-led, ethical projects delivering a positive impact to local communities and environments and facilitating cultural exchanges with our volunteers and interns.

The Sauti Africa Explorers Ltd.’s team supports every participant individually, so you can become a part of that.  So, if you have a passion for the open road, it makes sense to work in the tourism field. An abundance of opportunities exist. You’ll get to develop a career that you love, meet people from around the globe, make travel more memorable for others, and explorer the world, you’ll also learn various guiding skills, such as radio procedures and how to operate a vehicle in wilderness areas. Moreover, given the global nature of tourism and hospitality, gaining international experience will increase your employability with hotels, airlines, travel providers, tourism agencies, and other employers in the sector. We’ll cover all you need to know about international tourism and hospitality internship and volunteering programs in this way, you’ll understand how to get your career off to a good start.

Our volunteer programs are for volunteers who wish to stay 3-8 weeks and our internship  programs are for those who wish to stay between 10 weeks and one year. We arrange customized service trips for groups of students or tourists. Groups visit for any amount of time from a half day to several weeks. Sauti Africa Explorers Ltd arranges projects, accommodations, homestays, classes and other cultural immersion experiences for groups. These trips give groups a hands-on community experience that allows the group to learn about Andean culture, contribute to our work, and give back to the local community. Sauti Africa Explorers Ltd also arranges homestays at Sauti Africa Explorers Villa or other accommodations, language classes, tourism activities, educational speakers and outings, and hikes and cultural excursions for a visiting group’s trip. To explore whether we would be a good fit for your group, please contact us at or at +256 709 060 884.

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We are currently accepting volunteers. Potential volunteers and Intern who wish to come over throughout the year are encouraged to apply early. For all other times of year, potential volunteers and interns are encouraged to apply as early as possible, but acceptances are rolling and there is no deadline.

Please Note: 

This includes room and board for the entirety of your stay in our homestay at Sauti Africa Explorers Villa or a guranted local homestay. It also includes program and administrative fees, airport pickup, and 10 hours of walking language class and tour of town, and a two-day (overnight) cultural immersion experience in one of the indigenous communities. Volunteers who are willing to commit a longer period of time are refunded part of their program fees upon completion of 6 months of volunteering. Internships are among the best ways you can gain work experience in your degree or preferred career before entering the job market full-time. Not only will you learn what day-to-day work might look like for professionals in your field, but you’ll also develop valuable connections with people who can teach you new skills, mentor you as a young professional, and build your network for the job hunt later.

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