Kampala is one of the most exciting cities in Africa known as the Africa’s party capital, with so many sights and sounds that you could easily miss in a car ride, but on a walking tour you take in everything one at a time. unlike it being city just it is also a district of its own, located in central Uganda in the Buganda Kingdom. Its total population as per 2011 was 1,659,600 people. The weather in the city is warm throughout the year hence favorable for everyone, this is because of its closeness to the Equator. Also note that it has two rainy seasons as on stars from March to May and the other from August to December. Kampala city was originally built on seven hills but has now widened and spread to over twenty two hills. It is a good place to explore with so much to see and experience and the best way to do this is on foot. It is a busy city, this makes it to be regarded to as a “a city that never sleeps”. It has lots of people, therefore venturing it and doing various activities alone could be quite scary hence there is need for a guide who can be in line to lead you through the chaos of the city centre and the maze that characterises Kampala.

Kampala’s history is marked by its role as a cultural, political, and economic center in Uganda. While it has faced challenges and periods of instability, it continues to evolve as a dynamic and diverse city that reflects the country’s history and aspirations. The area around modern-day Kampala has a long history of human settlement, dating back thousands of years. It was inhabited by indigenous Bantu-speaking communities, and the Buganda Kingdom, one of Uganda’s oldest kingdoms, established its capital in the region. The Buganda Kingdom played a significant role in the pre-colonial history of the area.

Kampala City is Uganda’s major industrial and commercial city. The central business area is composed of shopping malls, banks, forex bureaus, insurance companies, hotels, restaurants, casinos and government offices. Although Luganda is the main language spoken, the population in the city is diverse and you can find people from all parts of Uganda. Almost everyone in Kampala can understand and speak English. The people are drawn to Kampala because it is where all the action, social services and opportunities can be found. The weather in Kampala is great and warm for most of the year because of its location along the equator. For a foreigner, Kampala is the best place to learn and appreciate the cultural diversity in the country.  Although this Kampala city tour ends in the evening, a night tour can be arranged with one of our Guides to experience the Kampala nightlife. If you request for a night tour, expect to be taken to the top night clubs, casinos and restaurants. Kampala is known a “city that never sleeps”. Folks party up to the wee hours of the morning from Monday to Sunday.

Places To Sight/Visit While You Are On Mombasa City Tour

Uganda National Museum   

Uganda Museum is the oldest museum in East Africa which was started in 1908. It was first located in Lugard’s fort on old Kampala Hill then transferred to Makerere University at the school of industrial and fine arts and lastly to Kitante Hill where it stands today. It emerged when the Governor George Wilson called for “all articles of interest in Uganda”. The museum is a collection of traditional culture and Ugandan Music with all kinds of musical instruments, archaeology, history, science, and natural history. The Museum is one of the top and best places today you can visit in your Kampala city tour because it gives you the real picture of Uganda and its people.

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