Payments Can Vary Depending On The Type Of Service You’re Booking, Our Policies, And Your Location.
  • Booking Online:

We offer online booking options where you can pay for your tour or travel services using credit or debit cards. Payment gateways are typically secure for these transactions. But in the moment we are still Updating a secure and reliable online payment network.

    • Travel Packages:

If you’re booking a complete travel package, such as a tour that includes accommodations, transportation, and activities, you’ll often pay a deposit upfront to secure your reservation. The remaining balance is usually due closer to the travel date.

  • Tour/Service Deposits:

For tours or activities, companies may require a deposit upfront to confirm your reservation. The deposit amount can vary, and it’s typically deducted from the total cost.

  • Payment Methods:

At Sauti Africa Explorers Ltd, we  often accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, mobile money transactions and sometimes cash, if you visit our office. The accepted methods will depend on the company’s policies and location.

  • Cancellation Policies:

It’s essential to understand our cancellation policies. We often dictate whether you’re eligible for a refund and the timing of when refunds are issued.

  • Confirmation and Receipts:

Always ask for confirmation of your booking and payment. A receipt or confirmation email should include details of your reservation and payment made.

  • Payment Security:

Ensure that you’re making payments on secure websites or through our reputable payment gateways. Request for our  HTTPS in the website URL TIN, Bank and  Online  Transfer Information or Mobile Money Transaction Numbers and verify the company’s credentials.

  • Communication:

Maintain clear communication with your  travel Agents or Operators regarding payment schedules, deadlines, and any special requests or requirements.

  • Tips and Gratuities:

Depending on the destination and services provided, you may encounter situations where tips or gratuities are expected. Be prepared for these additional expenses.

Remember to read the terms and conditions of our bookings carefully, as payment policies we are vary widely among different tours and travel companies. If you have any questions or concerns about payments, it’s a good idea to contact us directly on our WhatsApp number +256 709060884 or send us a mail on for clarification before making any financial transactions.


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